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Introducing the Noble Format of MTG

It’s funny how when I finally decided to blog about the Pauper format of the Magic: the Gathering card game that I happen to stumble upon (not a plug I promise) a new format of MTG that has caught my eye. The format is called Noble. More on that in a moment. No doubt you have read my description of the Pauper format in the sidebar of this blog. To say a few more words about it I found that when I started “getting into” playing MTG a few years ago that it was a game largely based on skill, but also based on the amount of money you were willing or able to spend on cards.

Discovering Pauper Magic for myself was a revelation. It allowed me to work on my skill of deck building and not worry about the dollar amount of cards I had to buy to compete with my friends who had been playing for years. With this new format we were all pulling from the same affordable pool of cards. We have been playing Pauper Magic for the last several months and have enjoyed it. Now that brings me to the Noble format.

I just read about this a few days ago and I am really interested. The idea is that it’s a hybrid of the Peasant, Commander and Pauper formats. The general overview is that you have one rare or mythic, up to four uncommon and the rest of the sixty card deck commons. To me this seems to allow for more “fireworks” during games to add to the fun. I will be exploring this format in the coming weeks as well as continuing to play and try to further my deck building skills in Pauper.



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